Jane’s Addiction & Love and Rockets at Budweiser Stage

Jane's Addiction & Love and Rockets Tickets

Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

Jane's Addiction & Love and Rockets

Get ready to rock Toronto, because Jane’s Addiction is making their way up north to perform at the Budweiser Stage with none other than Love and Rockets supporting them. The original lineup of both bands will be performing for 23 explosive shows across the US and Canada. Jane’s Addiction previously tried to reunite for a tour in 2022, but it eventually fell through due to health concerns. Now, they’re back and better than ever co-headlining with Love and Rockets. Get your tickets now or risk missing out on the hottest comeback rock has to offer.

Jane’s Addiction and Love and Rockets both affected rock music in immeasurable ways. Jane’s Addiction fronted the alternative rock movement of the early 1990s; their metal-influenced rock introduced thousands of people to music outside of the mainstream. Love and Rockets formed from the ashes of fallen goth-rock band Bauhaus, but took a more pop-ish approach to their music. They mastered post-punk’s atmospheric feel and contributed to its perseverance throughout the 90s. Together, they make the perfect recipe for rocking all night long.

Now’s your chance to see them both live for one epic night you’ll never forget. So, why aren’t you pulling out your wallet right now? Get tickets to see these rock icons right here in Toronto. Don’t miss out.

Jane’s Addiction have been shaking up the world of rock ever since their debut self titled album was released in 1987. By the time we reached the 90s, they were alternative rock poster children; misfits and outcasts everywhere identified with their music. In terms of genre, their music is broad, taking influence from metal, funk, and psychedelic rock. Their hardcore attitude and intoxicating music was the soundtrack of the 1990s, and now there’s a chance for them to also be the soundtrack of your September. If you’re ready to rock, grab some tickets to see Jane’s Addiction at the Budweiser Stage - seeing them live is a feeling you won’t forget.

Love and Rockets formed after the members of Bauhaus decided to part ways. Minus Peter Murphy, the members decided to stick together and create something entirely different. While Bauhaus pioneered gothic rock, Love and Rockets blended pop music’s upbeat nature with an alternative twist, and this largely helped popularize alternative rock overall. Since forming in 1985, the band has gone through many ups and downs, breaking up more than once. But in 2023, they finally got together with the intention to play for fans like you. Now, 2024 brings a co-headlining tour with the original lineup of Love and Rockets still intact. It’s going to be insane - and tickets are on sale now, so what’s your excuse?

To have two of the most impactful alternative rock acts of the late 80s share stages all across the continent is a special kind of spectacle. It’s a chance for fans from every generation to rock out and enjoy live music from another time. Both Jane’s Addiction and Love and Rockets are returning with their original lineup, so don’t miss out!! Their only date in Canada is at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto, so get your tickets before they’re gone. You don’t wanna miss out, do you?

Jane's Addiction & Love and Rockets at Budweiser Stage

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