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It's 'Once in a Lifetime, and Twice in a Summertime'. Canadian rock band Arkells just announced special back-to-back headlining shows right at Budweiser Stage from June 21st to 22nd. The "Leather Jacket" rockers are marking their Toronto comeback, inviting their friends Tegan & Sara and Grouplove as each night's very special guests. The weekend extravaganza marks the band's massive comeback to the jam-packed venue, and they're sharing the stage with Grouplove on the 2nd night. As their new album "Laundry Pile" has been making rounds across global airwaves, you can expect their newest anthems including "Skin" and their big hits such as "My Heart's Always Yours", "Knocking at the Door", and "11.11" in their awesome setlist. Recalling three summers ago when they last played at Budweiser Stage, they're bound to create new and wild memories at this year's biggest summer bash. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

About three summers ago, Arkells kicked off a wild weekend at Budweiser Stage, marking a touring comeback through their 2021 album "Blink Once". Now, they're back for another weekend in Toronto, teasing the year's biggest summer party. Taking place on June 21 and 22, the band's switching things up, inviting their friends at Grouplove to hit the stage as their special guests.

"The last time we played Budweiser Stage was three summers ago," Arkells shared on its official website, announcing a "Once In A Lifetime, Twice In A Summertime" weekend at the iconic venue. "It was a long-weekend affair, the first shows back after nobody had been allowed to attend a concert in quite some time. They were the most emotional and euphoric shows we’ve ever played, and a truly special return to the stage."

This time around, as concerts and festivals have returned in full swing, Arkells is down and ready to throw 2024's biggest summer party yet. With their new album out and about, their fresh hits "Laundry Pile" and "Skin" are definitely on repeat in millions of playlists around the world.

From their early shows down to their sold-out treks, Arkells remained the same at their core - serving energetic shows that never fail to leave every member of the audience beaming with joy. Known for their blend of energetic and guitar-driven rockin' anthems, the Arkells concert experience is about celebrating every lyric and being able to connect with the band and the crowd. They say music has the power to heal, and that describes what an Arkells show is all about.

"But if you know one thing about Arkells, it’s that our goal is to always make each show better than the last," they added. "So we’ve hit the ground running, with an aim to build the biggest party of the summer."

Both shows will also see support from Adam Melchor.

In September 2023, Arkells dropped its ninth studio album "Laundry Pile". The band's newest record featured stripped-down and intimate music, a pleasant surprise in contrast to the energetic vibes we've all been accustomed to. Reflecting on emotional breakthroughs and hurdles, it surely is an album that connects with the listener on a deeply personal level.

Hitting all the right spots, "Laundry Pile" is a blessing, and fans can expect to feel every emotion as the band performs its newer material on stage. "We’re going to play all the hits each night, but also make each set unique," they shared about the upcoming doubleheader show. "Our catalogue is DEEP at this point, and we’re going to pull out some surprises,"

Don't miss out on Arkells' doubleheader weekend with Grouplove on June 22. Book your tickets now!

Arkells at Budweiser Stage

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