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'Once in a Lifetime, and Twice in a Summertime,' Canadian rockers Arkells just announced special back-to-back shows at Budweiser Stage from June 21 to 22. The "Leather Jacket" hitmakers are stoked to head back, recalling the last time they played at the venue three summers ago. The long weekend extravaganza marked a monumental time in their touring record, throwing massive parties after concerts haven't been allowed for quite a while. Now, the band is turning the heat right up, sharing the stage with special guest Tegan & Sara for its first night on June 21st. With a new album blessing airwaves around the globe, you'll definitely get to hear their newest bangers off of "Laundry Pile" alongside their best hits "My Heart's Always Yours", "Knocking at the Door", and "Leather Jacket" to name a few. Witness their exciting Toronto comeback with back-to-back wild summer nights at Budweiser Stage. Book your tickets now!

The last time Canadian rockers Arkells kicked off a wild show at Budweiser Stage was about three summers ago, marking their 2021 comeback through their acclaimed album "Blink Once". Now, the boys are jet-set to launch another round of back-to-back nights at the crowd-favorite stage, following the release of their ninth studio LP "Laundry Pile". From June 21 to 22, Arkells is turning the summer heat right up, bringing along special guest Tegan and Sara to the stage.

"The last time we played Budweiser Stage was three summers ago," Arkells shared in its official website, announcing a "Once In A Lifetime, Twice In A Summertime" doubleheader weekend at the jam-packed venue. "It was a long-weekend affair, the first shows back after nobody had been allowed to attend a concert in quite some time. They were the most emotional and euphoric shows we’ve ever played, and a truly special return to the stage."

With a new album out and about, the whole world's been jamming to their fresh hits - "Laundry Pile" and "Skin". Since their early days down to their breakout success, the band's always stayed true to their lifeblood - jam-packed live shows that share their eccentric energy with the crowd. Serving their blend of energetic and electrifying guitar-driven pop-rock anthems, it's an experience every concertgoer treasures for a lifetime.

"But if you know one thing about Arkells, it’s that our goal is to always make each show better than the last," they added. "So we’ve hit the ground running, with an aim to build the biggest party of the summer."

With support from Tegan & Sara and Grouplove, they've got what it takes to throw the biggest summer party of your life. Both shows will also see support from Adam Melchor. Ya'll better mark your calendars as Arkells throws its biggest comeback show yet.

Last September, Arkells released its ninth studio LP "Laundry Pile" via Universal Music Canada. The album came as a surprise, featuring new music that are stripped down and intimate, as opposed to their familiar energetic and rockin' guitar strings. Reflecting on emotional breakthrough and life's realities, it's an album highly praised by both fans and critics alike. "Every track feels like a classic," Indie Is Not A Genre noted in its review.

"Anyone who keeps a journal will tell you that writing is one of the best ways to work through the chapters of your life," Kerman shared about the album. "Our new album Laundry Pile is a chapter that documents some of the messy parts that end up teaching you a lot: love, regret, desire, shame, and the longing to get it right."

It sure does hit the right spots. Taking the record to the big stage, you can expect a night of REAL energy, celebrating life's victories and its important lessons. "We’re going to play all the hits each night, but also make each set unique," they shared about the upcoming doubleheader show. "Our catalogue is DEEP at this point, and we’re going to pull out some surprises for the day ones."

So, better mark your calendars and hit up the whole gang for a wild summer night with Arkells. Book your tickets now!

Arkells at Budweiser Stage

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