The Marley Brothers: A Legacy Tour at Budweiser Stage

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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

The Marley Brothers

An evening filled with the magic of Marley is on the cards at the Budweiser stage in Toronto with The Marley Brothers’ “The Legacy Tour”!

Reggae royalty Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Ky-Mani, and Damian Marley are touring together for the first time in two decades, celebrating not only their father Bob Marley’s legacy, influence, and world-changing music, but also the 40th anniversary of the release of the revolutionary album “Legacy” as well as the worldwide record-breaking theatrical run of “Bob Marley: One Love”.

The Marley brothers are all successful solo artists in their own right, winning no less than 22 Grammy Awards collectively. “The Legacy Tour” is any reggae lover’s dream concert, showcasing the brothers’ individual musicianship while honoring the roots of reggae and the beacon of strength, hope, and unity that was Bob Marley.

Circle the date on your calendar, phone friends and family, whether they are reggae fans or not, hit the button to get your tickets from only $53, and celebrate the genetic gift of music at the highest level!

Reggae royalty is about to descend upon Toronto, with The Marley Brothers, Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Ky-Mani, and Damian bringing the perfect mix for the perfect show to the fantastic Budweiser Stage.

While each of the brothers has a distinct style, their true triumph lies in the collective homage paid to their revolutionary father, Bob Marley, on the eve of what would have been his 80th birthday. Bob Marley was all about peace, love, and unity, bringing people of all walks of life together through music, and therein lies the beautiful symbolism of the brothers being united on stage once more.

“The Legacy Tour” is The Marley Brothers at their best, with a mixture of global solo hits such as “Cornerstone”, “Call The Police”, “Boom Draw”, “True to Myself”, and “Love Is My Religion”, as well as the timeless Bob Marley smash-hits such as “Is This Love”, “Jamming”, “Could You Be Loved?”, “I Shot the Sheriff”, and, of course, “One Love”. The Marley Brothers possess extraordinary energy, as their father, Bob Marley, did, setting arenas alight, and just as you think the energy can’t get higher, it does. This concert promises to be true to the classic Bob Marley lyrics: the movement of Jah people.

The Marley Brothers’ captivating performance, infectious beats, musical prowess, moving power, and showcase of a musical evolution while staying true to the roots of reggae are certain to make “The Legacy Tour” a concert that will be etched in the hearts and memories of reggae enthusiasts for many years to come. With musical messages addressing social issues such as inequality, war, and famine, praising community, love, and respect, expertly woven into the heavy bass, percussion sounds, and off-beat electric guitars, the flame Bob Marley ignited globally will burn even brighter, crossing all boundaries that keep people apart.

The Budweiser Stage in Toronto is ready to host 16,000 people together in inity. The fantastic amphitheatre’s outdoor configuration has various seating options available – 5,500 seats underneath a high-covered roof, 3,500 seats under the starry sky, as well as 7,000 seats on the grass bowl. The venue also offers various VIP packages.

Get your tickets now, and “let’s get together and feel alright!”

The Marley Brothers at Budweiser Stage

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