Sublime with Rome at Budweiser Stage

Sublime with Rome Tickets

Molson amphitheatre | Toronto,

What happens when three musical icons collaborate to create a group? Find out this July 07, 2013 when Sublime with Rome hit the stage of the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Canada. Forget about heavily emotional songs, now is the time to jam and chill with sunny, breezy tunes that will perk you up for a more delightful summer vibe! Show starts at 7:00 PM.

Sublime with Rome at the Molson Amphitheatre

Bassist Eric Wilson (formerly plays for the band Sublime), singer & guitarist Rome Ramirez and drummer Josh Freese teamed up to form the group Sublime with Rome in January 2010. Their debut album “Yours Truly” was released on 12th of July 2011. It was dedicated to Bradley Nowell – the former lead singer and guitarist of Sublime who died in May 25, 1996. It generally received positive reviews. commended Yours Truly as a “solid release with tracks appealing to original fans as well as those with Rome’s flair of originality.” The album’s first single “Panic” was a success, climbing up to number 4 on the Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, 10th on the Rock Songs chart and 11th on the Canadian Alternative chart. The album also includes smooth, flowy and melodic tracks like “Murdera”, “Take It or Leave It” and “Can You Feel It” ft. Wiz Khalifa. The group has the catchy flair to carry out the best of reggae, dub, alternative rock, ska punk and hip hop.  They cannot be defined as just cool, as their name implies, SWR is sublime!

To catch your perfectly wild summer dream, include Sublime with Rome concert in your “to-do” list. Buy your tickets now.

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