Sammy Hagar & Loverboy at Budweiser Stage

Sammy Hagar & Loverboy Tickets

Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

Sammy Hagar & Loverboy

The Red Rocker is making his phenomenal return! This summer, the sensational Rock and Roll legend Sammy Hagar brings along a groundbreaking line-up for his Best of All Worlds Tour! The esteemed rock singer will be accompanied by the biggest names in rock music, including guitar prodigy Joe Satriani, Bassist Michael Anthony, and drummer Jason Bonham! Are you ready to rock out to this iconic quartet?! If you are, then you better check them out at their highly awaited stop in Toronto, Canada! Expect a thrilling setlist as these legends take over the Budweiser Stage! Their exhilarating show on Wednesday, 31st July 2024, is guaranteed to deliver numerous headbang-worthy staples! But wait, there’s some more for fanatics who will be making it to the show! To make this event even more exciting? Sammy Hagar will bring along Lover as his special guest! Hurry and secure tickets now before you miss out!

Who wouldn’t want to see this show?! It’s a line-up featuring rock legends in the flesh! Sammy Hagar brings his rock superstar friends Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Jason Bonham for his upcoming Best of All Worlds Tour. This gig is precisely what the name implies, as the members are also among the best in their respective fields.

Hagar, an accomplished solo rock icon, has done exemplary work as the vocalist of Van Halen for 11 years. After leaving the band, Hagar went on to become one of the most successful solo rock vocalists of all time. Meanwhile, there is no denying the vast influence that Joe Satriani has on the music scene. He has mentored countless guitarists, many of whom went on to lead incredible music careers. Satriani has sold over ten million albums, making him the best-selling instrumental guitarist of all time.

Fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and bassist Michael Anthony has performed as a member of Van Halen for their first 11 studio efforts. After leaving the band, Anthony has become one of the most sought-after bassists in the circuit. He has performed with various groups and artists, including working with Hagar for the supergroup Chickenfoot and The Circle.

Lastly, Jason Bonham is probably one of the few musicians alive who has performed with Led Zeppelin. Yes, The Led Zeppelin. His father was the late John Bonham from Zeppelin. After his untimely passing, Jason Bonham took over the drumming duties during one of the most high-profile reunions in rock history - the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert at O2 Arena. Bonham is a sought-after session musician who performed with Sammy Hagar and The Circle.

Together, these performers are ready to deliver iconic rock staples at the Budweiser Stage on Wednesday, 31st July 2024! There is no news yet on what to expect from their high-powered setlist, but knowing Hagar’s tenacity for magnificent productions and love for rock classics, the show will be a surefire hit!

Meanwhile, Canadian rock icons Loverboy will also start the night right with their highly addictive arena rock hits, “Turn Me Loose,” “Working for the Weekend,” and “Heaven in Your Eyes.” The quintet from Calgary is the pride of the Canadian rock circuit, and they are guaranteed to bring the house down with their high-energy setlist!

Secure tickets now and catch Sammy Hagar’s Best Of All Worlds at the premier concert venue, Budweiser Stage, on Wednesday, 31st July 2024!

Sammy Hagar & Loverboy at Budweiser Stage

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