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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

John Summit

You know the man, he's got the crowd hooked after his Coachella feat, electrifying every stage he sets foot on. Now, John Summit is heading back to the road, performing a series of headlining shows this year. Part of his scheduled shows include back-to-back nights at Budweiser Stage, with the second night taking place on Sunday, June 16th. The Forbes 30 Under 30 Music artist sure is one of today's biggest and sought-after names in the EDM House scene, getting us all hooked to his roster of hits - "Human", "Deep End", "Sun Came Up", and "Where You Are" featuring Hayla, and many more. By the way, the latter is one of Barack Obama's favorite songs of 2023. As his mixes kick in, it's bound to be a wild night. Now, he's got new singles dominating airwaves - "Shiver" (with Hayla) and Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition" (John Summit & Silver Panda Remix). Don't miss out on this summer night with John Summit right at Toronto. Book your tickets now!

He's one of today's biggest EDM stars. Headlining a couple of festival here and there, including his amazing Everything Always concept with Dom Dolla at Coachella, John Summit is jet-set to serve back-to-back nights of his electrifying shows right at Budweiser Stage. Known for his hard-hitting techno and house anthems, the man's come a long way.

As hard as his music hits, the man's anthems strike every heartbeat among the crowd. Raising with adrenaline, you can't help but let it all out. You can expect his best hits and crowd favorites such as "Human", "Deep End", "Sun Came Up", and "Where You Are" featuring Hayla, and many more on the set. With a roster of hit singles and a couple of EPs up his sleeve, fans have been anticipating a milestone in his career - the day he drops a full-length album. Though he's been busy with festivals and clubs, the man's been working hard behind the scenes.

"I’ve been working a ton more on laidback music that I’ve never been able to put out," Summit shared via Rolling Stone. "It’s going to be a lot more eclectic, working with artists I’ve never worked with before."

Now a rockin' surprise. Summit also shares that he's taking some time off the stage to focus on producing his new material. Doing 200 shows last year, he's in much need of a recharge to get new music up and running. Known for his house and techno beats, fans have come to love the genre thanks to the man himself, with fans expressing how he opened their eyes to this type of music. "It’s absolutely incredible," he said.

2024 and he's got two singles in. First is "Shiver" with Hayla, and his newest is a remix of "Sweet Disposition" with Silver Panda. It sure is a refreshing take on the 2008 indie anthem.

Now, he continues to perform a slew of shows as he perfects his upcoming album. Though it's not a crazy number as 2023's 200 shows, he's making the effort to make every show as unique as possible. "It’s gonna be kind of a mystery. I never come in with a set plan at all," he shared via Rolling Stone, talking about shows lined up for the next few years. "It’s a different set every time, I can guarantee you that. If you see me more than once, you’re gonna see something new every time."

It's two nights at Budweiser Stage, and we can expect surprises at each show. Don't miss out on John Summit's huge bangers live on stage by booking your tickets now!

John Summit at Budweiser Stage

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