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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

John Summit

Following buzz for his Coachella performance, the acclaimed American DJ, producer, and remixer John Summit is hitting the stage for a couple headlining shows this year. Known for his electrifying remixes, some originals, and marathon performances, he's one of the scene's hottest and sought-after DJs on tour. Now, EMBRACE and LIVE NATION present JOHN SUMMIT live in Toronto, coming to you live at Budweiser Stage for back-to-back nights on Saturday, June 15th. Named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Music list, he sure is a talented lad, never failing to share infectious energy with the crowd at every show. We bet once "Where You Are" kicks in, you're bound to get wild, and by the way, it's one of Barack Obama's favorite songs of 2023... Now the man's got two new singles on the radar - "Shiver" (with Hayla) and Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition" (John Summit & Silver Panda Remix). Now, don't miss out on his sick beats on stage by booking 'em tickets now!

He's got us all hooked on his Coachella 2024 highlights with his Everything Always concept with Dom Dolla... Now, John Summit is jet-set to headline a couple of venues lined up for the year, including back-to-back nights at Budweiser Stage right at Toronto. Taking over the scene with his unique modern-house anthems, he's now one of the biggest names in the EDM scene.

Just as hard his music hits, the man stands firm with his values. Losing hundreds of followers after announcing his upcoming NY Pride show, the man reiterated his support for the community. "LOST A FEW HUNDRED FOLLOWERS SINCE I ANNOUNCED IM PLAYING A GAY PRIDE PARTY LMFAO PEACE OUT U INSECURE HOMOPHOBES," the man shared on social media.

Hailing from Chicago, John Summit dominates the House scene, known for his iconic producing skills and mixes. Kicking off his game back in 2017, his tracks "Human", "Deep End", "Sun Came Up", and "Where You Are" featuring Hayla have won him a massive and diverse following.

Now, his newest mix "Sweet Disposition" with Silver Panda serves a refreshing take on the Australian band's 2008 indie anthem classic. Joining forces to serve a sure club-favorite remix, the powerful spin hits hard.

Over a decade ago, John Summit got fired as a bartender at this bar, but bounced back as a DJ. " I started doing a lot of the bars around campus playing open-format. I was playing five or six hours per night. Because I was really into house music, they would let me play things like that," he told DJ Life Magazine. Moving to Chicago after college, he soon found himself in the underground scene, kicking off a career in producing music.

With a brief pause on live shows because of the pandemic, Summit took the time to hone is production skills, experimenting and exploring new sonic heights. Now that live shows are back, the man shares how live concerts have been insane. "I still get incredibly nervous before every show... but I’m actually just a nervous wreck in the green room," he told DJ Life Mag. "But then that changes as soon as I get onto the stage. That’s why, when you see me, I rip a few shots as soon as I get onto the stage because of my nerves, and then I’m in the pocket after that ."

Now, don't miss out on the man's back-to-back sets at Budweiser Stage by booking your tickets now!

John Summit at Budweiser Stage

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