Imagine Dragons at Budweiser Stage

Imagine Dragons Tickets

Budweiser Stage | previously Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Imagine Dragons fans, we’ve got some exciting news for you!! They’re taking their “Evolve,” tour forward into 2018, coming to the Budweiser Stage on Thursday 14th June 2018!!! Tickets are expected to sell fast for one of the biggest anthemic bands in the world! Get your tickets to see Imagine Dragons NOW while you still can!!

“Evolve,” marks a shift in Imagine Dragons’ style, both in terms of musical content – featuring a more stripped-back production than their previous full-scale orchestral works – as well as politically charged lyrics, in particular with regard to their support for their LGBT fans despite the band’s largely Mormon upbringing. “I grew up on the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and those were two very politically driven bands, even U2,” explained frontman Dan Reynolds. “Bono and the role that he’s played, the voice that he’s had, I think inspired me growing up. And I think that is what remained with me the most even when it comes to those bands. The music I love, but the reason those are some of my favorite bands is I felt like behind the music there was a human being who had thoughts in his head and emotions and feelings about politics and feelings about culture and I think that solidified these bands as more than just music to me.”

Get ready to get inspired on June 14th – get your tickets to see Imagine Dragons live NOW while you can!!

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