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Welcome to the new age. IMAGINE DRAGONS just announced the arrival of its sixth studio LP "Loom" coming out this June. Turning the summer heat right up, the "Radioactive" hitmakers are also kicking off THE LOOM WORLD TOUR in support of the album. This is set to be their biggest North American headline tour yet. Part of the trek is a show at Budweiser Stage on Thursday, August 8th. You can expect the band to perform their biggest hits and all-time crowd favorites such as "Radioactive", "It's Time", "Believer", and many more alongside fresh hits off of "Loom". Imagine Dragons gave a glimpse of what to expect with their newest hit single "Eyes Closed". Sharing bits of pop, rock, rap, and new sonic influences, it's an exciting new era filled with fresh inspirations and tales. So, better tune in as Loom hits the shelves and as the band takes its new era to life, on stage. Book your tickets now!

Back in 2012, IMAGINE DRAGONS took the world by storm with the release of their debut LP "Night Visions". It spawned several of their biggest hits including "It's Time", "Demons", "On Top of the World", and "Radioactive". Now, the multi-platinum and diamond certified band is dropping a highly-anticipated new album, "Loom".

The LP is scheduled for release on June 28th, turning the summer heat right up with new music that features hints of newfound joy and inspiration with new notes of sonic influences. Its lead single "Eyes Closed" serves their familiar style with a blend of pop, rock, rap, hiphop, and dubstep on the side.

"After taking some time off the road and spending time catching up with family and loved ones, I finally have felt the desire to go back to the sonic places that originally brought me the most joy, but with a new outlook and mentality," Reynolds said about the track, via Rolling Stone. "The world looks much different after being a band for more than a decade. But some things will always remain the same. It’s finding that right balance of nostalgia and freshness that brings me the most joy in the studio. We had a lot of fun making this one and hope you enjoy it too."

It's gonna be the Imagine Dragons we all know, with a touch of newfound inspirations and stories to tell. Inspired by the joy of reconnecting with their loved ones after spending two years on tour, the band is excited to kick off a new era full of joy and happiness with new music.

The album arrives two years after "Mercury - Act 2" was released, a double album paired with 2021's "Act 1". After spending time on the road performing for all their fans, taking a step back allowed them to once again connect with their personal lives - a life of joy brought back to the studio. Now, we'll soon here their new stories in "Loom".

You can expect their big hits such as "Radioactive", "It's Time", "Demons", "Believer", "Thunder", "Whatever It Takes", and many more, alongside new tracks from "Loom", on tour. While that's surely something great to get hyped up for, the band shares that they want you to come and celebrate their music as a communal experience in their concerts.

"It’s just a lot of people in a room together realizing they’re not alone in their feelings," Reynolds said, via AP News. "I don’t necessarily need them to feel happy or sad or anything. I just want them to look around them and see that other people are also feeling something."

As IMAGINE DRAGONS kicks off a new era with "Loom", don't miss out on their rockin' live shows on the LOOM WORLD TOUR right at Budweiser Stage on August 8th by booking your tickets now!

Imagine Dragons at Budweiser Stage

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