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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

Glass Animals

The British powerhouse, indie rock-pop band, responsible for such hits like "Gooey", and, “Heat Waves,” Glass Animals, comes to the Budweiser Stage in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, August 20th 2024 with special guest and opening band, Kevin Abstract. Click that "Get Tickets" button to your right, right now.

“Hello humans of earth! how r u? we have missed playing for u v much. we can’t wait to play u the new music…i think this album will be exceptionally fun live,” the plucky band announced on socials.

This is the great "Tour of Earth 2024," and it will be like a Death Star to Alderaan, and absolutely blow you away! Glass Animals have finally, after 4 long years, brought out an answer to 2020s, Dreamland, and the wildly popular viral track “Heat Waves.” I Love You So F***ing Much, no, thats the album name, and it features the new single, “Creatures in Heaven,” and you can catch it down below in a video filled with weird aliens and other psychedelic entities.

The “Tour of Earth” comes to support the bands' upcoming album, “I Love You So F****** Much,” due out on July 19. The album is led by the dreamy single, “Creatures In Heaven,” which keeps with the band’s signature sound and style, heavy with early 00s R&B and hip-hop-infusions, electro-pop and synth heavy, with lead singer and songwriter's Dave Bayley’s high tenor voice crooning all over it.

For the album's title, “I love you so f***ing much, I LOVE YOU SO F***ING MUCH, I love you SO f***ing MUCH, I love you so F***ING much, I LOVE you so f***ing MUCH. These words take on a different meaning every time you say them. The universe may make us feel overwhelmingly small, but we have this human connection that is far vaster and more mysterious. Love comes in an infinite number of forms and shapes and sizes. It is so complex, and so powerful, that even witnessing the tiniest instance of it can change your life forever.” Bayley explained.

Glass Animals includes guitarist Drew MacFarlane, bassist Edmund Irwin-Singer, and drummer Joe Seaward along with the aforementioned lead singer, Dave Bayley. 2020 saw the band release their biggest album to date, Dreamworld. It featured the sleeper success story, “Heat Waves,” which took two years, but eventually climbed to the number 1 spot on charts here in America, Australia and the bands' home of the U.K.

Kevin Abstract, former founding member of the hip-hop boy band Brockhampton, released his fourth solo project last year. The Nirvana grunge rock inspired album, Blanket, which he described as, "like, a Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana, Modest Mouse type of record" that "hit like a rap album." While the concept is a little unusual, the album still faired reasonably. Abstract has reportedly already begun working on a new project.

Tour of Earth 2024 at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, August 20th 2024 with Glass Animals, and special guest, Kevin Abstract! No little green men will be harmed in the making of this tour...

Glass Animals at Budweiser Stage

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