Foreigner: Farewell Tour with Loverboy at Budweiser Stage

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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

Foreigner is coming to the Budweiser Stage on Tuesday, July 25th 2023 and this show is going to be something for the history books. Why? Well, that is because this show is part of their Farewell tour. Yup, you read that right, it is your last chance to experience them live on stage. They’ve also announced that Loverboy will be joining them as well. This is something no fan will want to miss out on and obviously tickets will sell out very quickly, but don’t stress, you can get yours today, right here and now.

Foreigner: Farewell Tour with Loverboy at Budweiser Stage

This concert tour will be the last one for the band, which is a sad day for fans indeed, but on the positive side, this does mean that you have one last chance to experience the sheer brilliance that is Foreigner. Their stage presence is a thing of beauty with live choirs singing acapella renditions of rock songs – this alone is a magnificent thing to behold, but there will be more, rock legends Loverboy will also be performing as special guests. The leader and founder of Foreigner, Mick Jones has even said, ‘We will be presenting a show that I know will have the same enthusiasm as our very first appearance’

Foreigner has been creating some of the best music since the 80s, and even other artists have sampled them. Hits such as a ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’, ‘Cold As Ice’, ‘Hot Blooded’, ‘Juke Box Hero’, ‘Urgent’ are all part of their extensive library and listening to their music is just an amazing feeling but, watching them live is a whole different experience altogether.

Tickets will sell out very quickly, after all, this will Foreigner's last tour. Don’t stress, though, you can get your tickets right here and now before it is too late.

Foreigner: Farewell Tour with Loverboy at Budweiser Stage

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