Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan & Girlfriends at Budweiser Stage

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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

Avril Lavigne

Hey, hey, you you! One of the world's biggest pop-punk stars is heading back to the stage! Following her string of shows in support of her 2022 album "Love Sux", Avril Lavigne is kicking off a massive new trek - her GREATEST HITS TOUR. Taking two decades of blockbuster hit records back to the live stage, it's definitely a show you can't miss! Rock it all out to your favorite tracks - such as "Complicated", "Girlfriend", "Sk8er Boi", "When You're Gone", "What the Hell", "Keep Holding On", "Bite Me", "Head Above Water", and many more. Moreover, she's sharing the stage with two other iconic artists who shaped the last two decades of pop-punk - Simple Plan and All Time Low as her tour's special guests, with Girlfriend joining this stop at Budweiser Stage on August 16. As one of the world's greatest artists who influenced the music of some of this generation's biggest stars, Avril Lavigne is definitely a living legend. Don't miss out on her Greatest Hits back on stage, book those tickets now!

Avril Lavigne is undoubtedly one of the world's biggest artists in the pop-punk scene. With two decades of non-stop hits and rockin' vibes across her albums, she's become a big influence on the music of this generation's biggest stars. Following her 2022 album "Love Sux" and a roster of shows in support of her new era, the iconic singer is taking it all back - launching her newest GREATEST HITS TOUR, taking her biggest hits and special fan favorites on rockin' nights to remember. Moreover, she's tagging along her friends Simple Plan and All Time Low as special guests on tour.

"Tour dates for 2024 baby!" she shared on Instagram, revealing her new tour dates. "I’ll be doing the Greatest Hits from all of my albums and along with some of your favorites, perhaps some special requests? And of course, all of my friends are joining me!!!

Her sophomore album "Under My Skin" turns 20 this May, and her acclaimed debut "Let Go" turns 22 this June. "They toured with me on my very first tour, so it’s only fitting we are doing it again!" she exclaimed, as Simple Plan joins her on the upcoming trek.

"My boys! We’ve been friends for a while now and have talked about trying to tour together for years, so glad we finally get to do it for real!" she added.

Celebrating her rockin' career with her friends and all of her supportive fans, it's definitely gonna be a setlist you just can't miss. Having sold over 50 million albums around the globe, Avril's live shows over the last two decades have always been jam-packed with fans, and praised for her eccentric energy and enthusiasm in every performance.

Her roster of hits includes - "Here's to Never Growing Up", "Smile", "What the Hell", "When You're Gone", "Hot", "Let Me Go" featuring Chad Kroeger, "Dumb Blonde" featuring Nicki Minaj, "Bite Me", "Sk8er Boi", "Complicated", and "Girlfriend". Twenty years of rocking our hearts, she sure is a living legend in the pop-punk universe.

From Let Go to Love Sux, her anthems have always resounded in everyone's hearts. In the age of TikTok and viral surprises, her hits continue to find new life. "I was getting out of high school and I just wanted to rock out," she shared via The Guardian. "I want loud guitars, I want live drums … I want to write about the crazy stuff, the insane emotions, the good and the bad."

Twenty years since the 17-year-old took her emotions to the songwriting pad, her music stands out because of her ability to connect with people's real emotions. Every song hits right home. "I’ve always had this thing where I’m like: just be as sincere as possible," she said. "The songs are real and they’re emotional. That works for me."

Witness her biggest hits and fan favorites head back to the stage at the GREATEST HITS TOUR by booking your tickets now!

Avril Lavigne at Budweiser Stage

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