Alexisonfire at Budweiser Stage

Alexisonfire Tickets

Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

Alexisonfire are coming down to Budweiser Stage on Sunday 16th June 2019 – for their second night of live performance! As part of their 2019 tour, with just a few selected dates booked, lucky fans can now grab the chance to be there! Their groundbreaking anthem 'Familiar Drugs' has already been released and the buzz around them is bigger than ever – book online today for their summer 2019 show!

Alexisonfire at Budweiser Stage

As one of the biggest bands on the scene, Alexisonfire were quick to find their unique sound and hit the road to bring their music to the live stage. With their first initial album they were an instant success in their home country as they certified gold and gained positive critic from all around the globe.

With their career well on it's way, they picked up the limelight and between 2004-2009 gave to the world another three albums to follow. Alexisonfire brought out Watch Out! and Old Crows/Young Cardinals and their underground music was behind them as all three also gained platinum success! It's no wonder that by this point their fan base was ever-growing and transforming from Canada to the US, the UK and other countries, making them a worldwide known name!

The band took a few years apart whilst a member left the group, but quickly realised that they needed to create more music together and came back together in 2015 to perform at some of their most groundbreaking shows to date. Including their live concert at the UK, Reading and Leeds festival.

Just one year later Alexisonfire were stepping on stages further afield with their tour reaching Australia and New Zealand!

Now in 2019, Alexisonfire are a hit and this year is quickly becoming another exciting one ahead as they once again take to the road, this time for only a limited amount of shows across the UK, North America and Canada – so if you love their music, then be sure to book your tickets for their dates while you still can – with just a few dates booked for 2019, there's no doubt it will be a sell out!

Alexisonfire at Budweiser Stage

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