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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario

Alan Doyle

Ready to be delighted with ALAN DOYLE's remarkable talent? With the release of his 20th album, Welcome Home, in February 2024, he has surely managed to keep people on the lookout for what he has in store for his solid fanbase!

The famous Alan Doyle comes to the Budweiser Stage in Toronto, Ontario on August 10, 2024, Sunday!

Doyle is a versatile singer-songwriter who has been performing for almost thirty years. He first gained recognition as a member of the well-known band Great Big Sea and is currently a well regarded solo performer across the globe.

“Sleeping in the Cold Below,” “1,2,3,4,” “What the Whisky Won’t Do,” “Take Us Home,” “Yours and Mine,” “Dancing Like We Did Last Night,” and “Bully Boys,” are some of the best hits of this iconic singer.

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Canadian singer and founding member of the folk rock band Great Big Sea, Alan Doyle has made his name known in the industry not only with his amazing vocals but also with his equally amazing talent on both electric and acoustic guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, and banjo. Doyle is also known for composing music for shows/films like Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With, Law & Order, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He also produced an album for his sister, Michelle Doyle.

Doyle has also been connected with Russell Crowe and bands 30 Odd Foot of Grunts and The Ordinary Fear of God. He produced and co-wrote a number of songs on Crowe’s album, My Hand, My Heart and the Crowe/Doyle Songbook Vol.III.

This singer’s talent also extends to acting as he has been cast in films like A Whale for a Killing, Robin Hood, and Winter’s Tale.

Boy on Bridge, Doyle's debut solo album, was released in 2012. The title alludes to Doyle's early role as the "boy on bridge" in the film A Whale for the Killing. "I've Seen a Little" is the album's lead song. Canadian artists Hawksley Workman, Jim Cuddy, Ron Hynes, and actor-musician Russell Crowe are among those that collaborated on the record. Filmmakers Joel Stewart and John Vatcher directed the documentary Boy on Bridge, which is about the making of the album.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Doyle began working remotely with several musicians to produce a unique “isolation edition” EP called “Songs from Home,” which was released in November 2020. Fortunate Ones, Rachel Cousins, The Ennis Sisters, and The Once were among those who contributed. Doyle explains that “Songs from Home” is about establishing and maintaining relationships during a period when it was very challenging to remain connected.

At the 2022 Charlottetown Festival, he debuted in a musical comedy called Tell Tale Harbour. The narrative is based on Ken Scott's screenplay La grande séduction, which was turned into the 2003 critically acclaimed film Seducing Doctor Lewis. Doyle was recognized as one of the authors for a book of the musical alongside award-winning writer Edward Riche. Doyle also co-wrote the music and lyrics with Bob Foster in addition to co-producing the show.

Alan Doyle at Budweiser Stage

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